most common glass repairs

Cracked screen/touch issues

We've seen them all - from a light fall off a nightstand, a tumble down the stairs, to a phone that’s run over by a car - we can assess your unique situation and give you your best options.

iPhone glass repair (LCD damage is extra) 

iPhone 5/5c/5s:  $59

iPhone SE/6: $69

iPhone 6s/6+:  $79

iPhone 6s+: $89

iPhone 7: $99

iPhone 7+: $109

iPhone 8: $109

iPhone 8+: $129

iPhone X: $149

Samsung, LG, Google and Motorola 

Please call us for a quote. 

iPad Glass Repairs (LCD damage is extra)

iPad 2/3/4: $99

iPad 5: $109

iPad 6: $109

iPad Mini 1/2/3:  $99

iPad Mini 4:  $149
iPad Air 1:   $99

iPad Air 2:  $199

Data Recovery

Our data recovery service starts at $300. Call us at 773-244-8177 or drop in for consultation.

Water Damage

Caught in a downpour? Dropped in a puddle? Let our experts assess your damage. Phone drying and ultra sonic cleaning starts at $25.